What is Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is the method that is used to remove toxic heavy metals.  The heavy metals that this is most commonly associated with are mercury, lead and arsenic.  There are of course approved as well as alternative methods of chelation therapy.  The ones that are approved involve the use of dimercaptosuccinic acid.  This is the primary item that is used in the removal of these heavy metals from an individual’s bloodstream.  In essence it works as a filter to help remove these harmful toxins from the bloodstream of the person who is affected.  There are of course other items that are in use as chelating agents as well.  Each of these will have different results based on the metals that they are used to treat.  It is not always a successful method for treating the toxins that are in one’s system; however it is a method that has met success in the past. The alternative medicine methods are also believed to be useful, but are not approved by any organization as far as medicine is concerned.  The item most widely believed to be effective as a chelating agent is cilantro.  It is believed to aid with heart disease as well as the removal of lead, arsenic and mercury.

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