Natural, New, And Alternative Ways In Osteoporosis Treatment And Prevention From Further Damage

The Natural way of Osteoporosis Treatment: It is important not to delay the treatment of osteoporosis, which can be done in a natural way. There is a simple, natural process of osteoporosis treatment. You can start by watching your diet, like knowing what quantities of food to consume. Then taking care about the proper intake of calcium, vitamins K2 and D3, trace minerals and magnesium. While calcium forms the primary base of the treatment, one must not overlook the other nutrients that also help in bone building. Vitamin D, which is found in food and is made by your body on exposure to sunlight, helps a lot. One must eat food that is rich in magnesium like leafy vegetables, green vegetables etc. Calcium and Magnesium are usually taken in combination because this enables the calcium to be deposited in the bones, while keeping it out of the soft tissue of the body. The body does not make Vitamin K2 naturally; hence, one has to get this vitamin from foods, as it is very necessary for healthy bones. Regular exercise also helps. Walking, Yoga, Tai Chi etc., are some examples, but you can consult your physiotherapist.

New technique in Osteoperosis Treatment: There has been a new discovery of a wonder drug called ‘Zometa’ in the treatment of Osteoporsis. It is taken intravenously once a year, or as per the doctor’s prescription. This new drug used in the treatment of osteoporosis arrests further damage to the bone and helps in rebuilding it. However, it does have a few side effects like nausea, mild flu, and perhaps bone pain, depending on the patient.

An Alternative in Osteoporosis Treatment: There is an alternative in the treatment of osteoporosis, apart from the natural and new technique. One can undergo surgery wherein the parathyroid glands are removed. This is also known as parathyroidectomy. This surgery is done when the patient suffers from osteoporosis caused by hyperparathyroidism. There are other surgical procedures that help as an alternative in osteoporosis treatment that are undergoing research.

Measures for Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention: It is up to each person to look after their lifestyle and diet, as these factors play a very important role in preventing diseases and staying healthy. One must take active interest in the prevention of the onset of osteoporosis, and take proper treatment thereof. One must exercise at least 3 to 5 times per week, which includes vigorous exercises for at least 30 minutes per session. While there is no treatment or drug that can ensure a 100 percent guarantee of a lifetime prevention of osteoporosis, however, the best way to prevent it is by committing to a balanced and nutritious diet, being physically active and fit, and checking on your reproductive hormones.

On the onset of Osteoprosis, one must also follow the proper guidelines given by the doctor in order to alleviate it.

A holistic approach may entail refraining from non-vegetarian food. Most animal proteins contain high levels of phosphorous, which diminishes calcium deposits in the bones. It is also recommended to refrain from eating foods with high acidic levels. Consuming soy products helps in increasing bone density. Though we have always been told that milk is the best form of calcium, the latest conclusion drawn from research reveals that drinking too much milk or consuming too much of dairy products may not be as beneficial as it was thought to be, since they are highly acidic.

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