Diet for a Dead Planet – Going beyond the Junk Food Supermarkets…

Food in America seems at first glance bountiful and, for most, fairly inexpensive. But behind the grocery receipt, the costs of today’s corporate-controlled food supply are staggering. Foodborne illnesses cost more than $30 billion a year in treatment and lost work time. We spend $78 billion annually in medical expenses for diseases associated with diet and physical inactivity — now the second-leading cause of preventable deaths; two thirds of all Americans are overweight, 30% are medically defined as obese. Nearly $20 billion in public money goes to farm subsidy payments, two thirds of which go to the top 10% of growers.... (continue)

Crohn’s Disease – Health and Diet Tips

Crohn’s Disease an inflammatory bowel disease that can affect part of the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s disease Symptoms is characterized by abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea , vomiting, weight loss or gain. ... (continue)

The Reasons People Purchase Wigs

There are several reasons which people may have for purchasing wigs and hair extensions. Sometimes, individuals choose to do so because they are trying to boost their own self confidence. There may be a desire to impress someone for business or personal reasons. Individuals who has had health problems and may be struggling with hair loss might choose to purchase these products because they are trying to feel better about their situation. People who are involved in Hollywood might have interest in alteration of their appearance for a role in an upcoming theatrical release.... (continue)

Turn Back the Hands of Time…

You’re getting older. There is no denying it and you can’t stop the clock. However, you can age gracefully and make it appear as if you are maintaining your youthful glow. Take a few simple tips to feel and look your best as you head closer to the golden years.... (continue)

Choosing a good Chiropractor

If you’re suffering aches and pains in your muscles, joints or tendons, a chiropractor may be just what you need to feel good again. But what if you aren’t sure how to find high-quality chiropractors in a nation swimming with them? Whether you’re looking for specialists in Toronto or chiropraticien Quebec, here are just a few tips for making the right choice.... (continue)