Diet for a Dead Planet – Going beyond the Junk Food Supermarkets…

Food in America seems at first glance bountiful and, for most, fairly inexpensive. But behind the grocery receipt, the costs of today’s corporate-controlled food supply are staggering. Foodborne illnesses cost more than $30 billion a year in treatment and lost work time. We spend $78 billion annually in medical expenses for diseases associated with diet and physical inactivity — now the second-leading cause of preventable deaths; two thirds of all Americans are overweight, 30% are medically defined as obese. Nearly $20 billion in public money goes to farm subsidy payments, two thirds of which go to the top 10% of growers.... (continue)

Avocado Calorie Count and Nutrition

Facts about Avocado Calories: The Avocado is a buttery, creamy fruit that has often been dismissed like its contemporaries, the grape, banana, and cherry. Even though avocados have an extremely high fat and calorie content, the fact is that they are not as fattening as they are considered to be. Studies have revealed that the Avacado calorie is derived from its fat, which is considered to be a healthy kind of fat. In a medium-sized fruit, the avocado calorie content consists of 165 calories and a single pound of avocado has 890 calories, which is derived from 31 grams of fat. Known to many as the forbidden fruit, the truth is that the fat contained within this healthy fruit is beneficial, since it helps to reduce the blood cholesterol level. Avocados are loaded with fat and calories, but the avocado calories are definitely not of the fattening kind.... (continue)

The New Recipes of A Mediterranean Diet

Recipes of the Mediterranean diet: The Mediterranean diet is a kind of modern nutritional model that got its inspiration from the traditional dietary patterns of some of the countries in the Mediteranean basin, particularly Greece, Southern Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, and Turkey. There is no single “Mediterranean” diet, as there are approximately 16 countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. The diets vary between these countries and also between the regions within each country. The different diets are the result of the various ethnic backgrounds, culture, economy, cooking styles, and agricultural production.... (continue)

Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan by American Diabetes Association

Type 2 diabetes diet: With more than 14.6 million Americans suffering from diabetes, it has become a major health concern in the United States today. Type 2 diabetes diet needs to be coupled with a healthy lifestyle in order to put a check on type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes diet along with regular exercise, can be of significant help in controlling your blood sugar and managing your diabetes. By reducing your calorie intake and including exercise in your routine, you can make your body more sensitive to its insulin. Ideally, you need to follow a diet plan that reduces your intake of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates. A diet rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates is recommended for type 2 diabetes patients. Complex carbohydrates found in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are broken down very slowly as a result of which the release of glucose in the bloodstream is slowed down. On the contrary, simple carbohydrates are broken down within no time leading to a rapid rise in the blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetic patients can include less saturated fat in their diet.... (continue)

The Food Pyramid Of A Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet pyramid: The traditional Mediterranean diet pyramid is based on the healthy eating habits of the people who live in the Greek island of Crete, southern Italy and other areas in Greece in the early 1960s. The life expectancy of adults in these areas at that time was among the longest in the world. Plus, the incidence of certain cancers, heart disease, and other health problems was among the lowest.... (continue)