The Book

Food in America seems at first glance bountiful and, for most, fairly inexpensive. But behind the grocery receipt, the costs of today’s corporate-controlled food supply are staggering. Foodborne illnesses cost more than $30 billion a year in treatment and lost work time. We spend $78 billion annually in medical expenses for diseases associated with diet and physical inactivity — now the second-leading cause of preventable deaths; two thirds of all Americans are overweight, 30% are medically defined as obese. Nearly $20
billion in public money goes to farm subsidy payments, two thirds of which go to the top 10% of growers. Untold millions more are spent covering emergency room costs for uninsured food-industry workers, tens of thousands of whom are injured on the job each year; and cleaning up massive animal-waste spills from factory farms, which have become the top polluter of America’s waterways.

Praise for Diet for a Dead Planet

“Let our food catastrophe be our wake-up call! We may be the first species to “choose” a diet that is killing us and destroying our planet. But Diet for a Dead Planet provides the big picture, along with fascinating details, to motivate change before it’s too late. Armed with Cook’s compelling exposĂ©, we don’t have to be victims. We can choose life.”
–Frances Moore LappĂ©, author of Diet for a Small Planet and Hope’s Edge
“In the epic tradition of all great muckrakers, Chris Cook exposes the forces that have turned our way of eating into something far different from the nourishing, life-giving reality it is supposed to be. In this well-researched and hard-hitting book, he lifts the veil and reveals what you can do to bring food and agriculture back from the brink. This book is a forceful reminder that food should be – and can be – a way of life, not a way of death, for communities, our bodies, and the planet.”
– John Robbins, author of Diet For A New America, and The Food Revolution Founder and Board Chair Emeritus, EarthSave International

“Christopher Cook helps us rethink the very ethical and environmental principles that ought to guide our
approach to food. In short, Cook is imploring us to think more deeply about our most basic connections to the
earth. He raises the big questions and steers us to some possible answers.”
– Jeremy Rifkin, President, Foundation on Economic Trends

“I have worked with hundreds of journalists, and Chris is quite simply one of the very best. he has a keen
sense of how economics and politics interact to shape the world we live in.”
– Eric Bates, Rolling Stone