Diet for a Dead Planet – Going beyond the Junk Food Supermarkets…

Food in America seems at first glance bountiful and, for most, fairly inexpensive. But behind the grocery receipt, the costs of today’s corporate-controlled food supply are staggering. Foodborne illnesses cost more than $30 billion a year in treatment and lost work time. We spend $78 billion annually in medical expenses for diseases associated with diet and physical inactivity — now the second-leading cause of preventable deaths; two thirds of all Americans are overweight, 30% are medically defined as obese. Nearly $20 billion in public money goes to farm subsidy payments, two thirds of which go to the top 10% of growers.... (continue)

Crohn’s Disease – Health and Diet Tips

Crohn’s Disease an inflammatory bowel disease that can affect part of the gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s disease Symptoms is characterized by abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea , vomiting, weight loss or gain. ... (continue)

Avocado Calorie Count and Nutrition

Facts about Avocado Calories: The Avocado is a buttery, creamy fruit that has often been dismissed like its contemporaries, the grape, banana, and cherry. Even though avocados have an extremely high fat and calorie content, the fact is that they are not as fattening as they are considered to be. Studies have revealed that the Avacado calorie is derived from its fat, which is considered to be a healthy kind of fat. In a medium-sized fruit, the avocado calorie content consists of 165 calories and a single pound of avocado has 890 calories, which is derived from 31 grams of fat. Known to many as the forbidden fruit, the truth is that the fat contained within this healthy fruit is beneficial, since it helps to reduce the blood cholesterol level. Avocados are loaded with fat and calories, but the avocado calories are definitely not of the fattening kind.... (continue)

Natural, New, And Alternative Ways In Osteoporosis Treatment And Prevention From Further Damage

The Natural way of Osteoporosis Treatment: It is important not to delay the treatment of osteoporosis, which can be done in a natural way. There is a simple, natural process of osteoporosis treatment. You can start by watching your diet, like knowing what quantities of food to consume. Then taking care about the proper intake of calcium, vitamins K2 and D3, trace minerals and magnesium. While calcium forms the primary base of the treatment, one must not overlook the other nutrients that also help in bone building. Vitamin D, which is found in food and is made by your body on exposure to sunlight, helps a lot. One must eat food that is rich in magnesium like leafy vegetables, green vegetables etc. Calcium and Magnesium are usually taken in combination because this enables the calcium to be deposited in the bones, while keeping it out of the soft tissue of the body. The body does not make Vitamin K2 naturally; hence, one has to get this vitamin from foods, as it is very necessary for healthy bones. Regular exercise also helps. Walking, Yoga, Tai Chi etc., are some examples, but you can consult your physiotherapist.... (continue)

What is Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is the method that is used to remove toxic heavy metals.  The heavy metals that this is most commonly associated with are mercury, lead and arsenic.  There are of course approved as well as alternative methods of chelation therapy.  The ones that are approved involve the use of dimercaptosuccinic acid.  This is the primary item that is used in the removal of these heavy metals from an individual’s bloodstream.  In essence it works as a filter to help remove these harmful toxins from the bloodstream of the person who is affected.  There are of course other items that are in use as chelating agents as well.  Each of these will have different results based on the metals that they are used to treat.  It is not always a successful method for treating the toxins that are in one’s system; however it is a method that has met success in the past. The alternative medicine methods are also believed to be useful, but are not approved by any organization as far as medicine is concerned.  The item most widely believed to be effective as a chelating agent is cilantro.  It is believed to aid with heart disease as well as the removal of lead, arsenic and mercury.... (continue)